Traveling Light…PSH!

We have all seen it. The infamous woman in the airport and along side her is a pile of luggage equivalent to 4 times her weight.  Its like watching a worker ant tote a pebble across the sidewalk. That lady above is an accurate depiction of me. Confession.. Hi my name is Jasmine and I am a bag lady.

I pack my ENTIRE closet when I travel. Doesn’t even matter the time frame. I could be gone for a long weekend and still find it necessary to pack my prom dress from a million years ago. Hey, you never know when you might be invited to a ball or something like that. Or what if there is a sudden snowstorm in the middle of a Florida summer…better pack a parka.

The best part is, I almost always end up just wearing 3 out of the 100 clothing items I brought.

So my first and major challenge for becoming a traveler is to ditch the excess.

I have been doing some research on the matter (it really shouldn’t be this difficult… BUT IT IS!). So far I have learned these two important tips:

  1. Pack ONLY the necessities
  2. Buy when your there

It seems to be a little bit easier for men to pack lightly but it is possible for women as well. Here are some helpful videos that I came across. Hopefully by departure time for my trip I’ll have a packing video to post…if I don’t, it probably means I packed my life away.

Let me know if you have tips for men and women.


2 thoughts on “Traveling Light…PSH!

  1. Gack!
    * Go to for the very best adivce on one bag travel.
    * Create a travel capsule wardrobe where all the tops and bottoms go together. Mix and match for multiple outfits.
    * Decant your toiletries like crazy
    * Wash your clothes while on travel. This isn’t too hard if your clothing is made out of light material.
    * Layer for different looks – and for warmth.
    * Stick to USB electronics as much as possible. USB chargers are dual voltage so only need an adapter plug.

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