Common Travel Fears and How to Overcome Them

But most of the things we all fear about travel can easily be overcome — and none of them should keep us at home.”

The article below tells you about the most common fears of traveling…

1. Traveling alone


3. Flying

4. Language Barriers/Culture Shock

5. Foods/Getting Sick/Injury

6. Robbery

7. Getting Lost << which you definitely should get lost every once in a while

8. Coming Home

Common Travel Fears and How to Overcome Them.

I found this article to be very interesting, because I know I had my doubts about traveling. Once you realize that your fears of money, danger, and the unknown are trivial you will be able to set yourself free!


We all need to work in order to make money to pay bills to be in debt to work some more. Right? I mean how else are we supposed live. That’s just the way it is. We go to our job that we usually complain about going to, but still we go to them everyday. We are unhappy in our routines, but still we proceed.  I am no different. I wake up at 6 or 6:30am to start my shift as a full time customer service representative at a major bank. Like everyone else, there are things that I like and do not like about my job. But the fact of the matter is, I spend the majority of my time at work and probably know my coworkers more than my own family. We all bitch about the routines we have made for ourselves… we all do!

So there must be something wrong. We work all of our lives with the mentality that we are going to make this treasure trove of money while we are young so that when we are old and decrepit we can spend it on all the things we want.  Let me be clear though, there is nothing wrong with an 80-year-old whipping around the newest bright yellow Charger. However the problem is this…the majority of us will probably be too old to fully enjoy the fruits of our labor.

The routine must stop!

I have recently celebrated my 24th birthday and surprisingly it wasn’t my growing age that got me thinking but rather how quickly it had approached.  My elders were not lying when they said that time speeds up as you get older.  What scares me about this is that I absolutely DO NOT want to look up 50 years from now and think “WHAT THE HELL HAVE I DONE WITH MY LIFE”  So I’m busting out.

This is my journey to becoming a traveler.

Hello world!

This is a travel blog. But before I get into any detail, let me state 3 things…

1. I am NOT a writer, author, journalist, etc. Nor will I try to be.

2. For now, I do not declare myself a traveler. I am an aspiring traveler. This blog is meant to follow my efforts to escape the autopilot life.

3. My goal is to experience the actual world. The world outside of the 9-5 jobs, outside of the routines, and outside of the McResorts. With my journey I hope to be inspired and to inspire others to do the same.

The purpose of this blog is to follow my attempts to become a traveler and also to discuss all things related to travel. My hope is that people feel comfortable enough to discuss their own ideas and tips on this blog as well.

Happy Travels!